Hey there —
In stead of the usual annual holiday gift, I wanted to do something extra special this year. It’s already been ten years of this. Earlier this year I had enjoyed learning some Britney Spears songs for a very special occasion. I later played some of them with friends at Largo in LA, where I’ve been doing sporadic shows since I moved to LA last year. I’ve been taking time off from touring, to finish my new album and a book. Earlier this spring, after learning more about Britney and #freebritney, I had been inspired to write a song called Slip Into Character — in support of emancipation and happiness, within and beyond the spotlight. Just a little over a month ago we recorded that song in a Lithuanian church in LA, with The Silver Lake Chorus. Around the same time, in various home studios, we also captured recordings of Everytime (with Adam Arcuragi), I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman (with Sara Watkins, Sean Watkins and Dominique Arciero), and my original Britney-favorite Why Should I Be Sad (with Wynne Bennett and Shruti Kumar). And that’s this year’s Christmas gift. From all of me, to all of you. Looking forward to sharing more music in 2020.
Thank you for your patience.


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Book coverfor Sondres new book «Alle sanger handler om deg»

Sondre makes his debut as a published author with Alle sanger handler om deg (“Every song is about you”), an essay collection of 23 heartfelt, witty and uniquely insightful love letters to the continuous act of finding oneself in music.

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Alle sanger handler om deg

«Medisin mot gubbesmerter»
Audun Vinger, Dagens Nærlingsliv

«Mange ganger oppfyller Sondre Lerche det høyeste kravet til musikkjournalistikk: Det å fortelle leserne om noe spennende de ikke har hørt før.»
Geir Rakvaag, Dagsavisen

«Dette er nerden og musikkelskeren Sondre Lerche i fri utfoldelse.»
Joakim R. Berthelsen, Bergens Tidene

«Personlige essays om Lerches genuine kjærlighet til musikken.»
Frida Urheim, Subjekt.no